It’s hard enough traveling to a veterinary clinic as it is, let alone when your pet is unwell. That is why our veterinarian comes to you. Our consultations last on average 30 to 45 min.

If you are not sure whether we can cover the consultation needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Areas of expertise

  • Ear, eye, or mouth complaints
  • Coughs or respiratory issues
  • Skin problems
  • Wounds
  • Urinary issues
  • Gastrointestinal upsets (vomiting/diarrhea)
  • Lameness
  • Blood analysis: pre-anesthetic check and annual check-ups
  • Check-ups for hyperthyroid cats or those with kidney disease
  • Check-ups for dogs with Cushing disease or hypothyroidism

Do you have a planned surgery at your current practice requiring a blood test? Every surgical procedure needs a pre-anesthetic check to ensure your pet is in a good health condition before undergoing anesthesia. The blood test is part of this check-up and is currently done a few days before the surgery. Home Vet Eindhoven will save you the trouble to bring your pet to the vet clinic by coming to your home. You will receive the test results in 24h.

Does your pet have a health condition requiring regular blood checks? Home Vet Eindhoven will come to the comfort of your house to perform the necessary tests avoiding unnecessary stress to your pet. We work with a range of specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. 


Before the vaccination is given, we check the health of your pet. One consultation is charged per animal for this which is calculated in addition to the vaccination. 

For kitten and puppy vaccinations, consult the saving benefits of our Starter Pack.

If you have a litter, please ask us for a specific price.

Most countries require rabies vaccination when traveling with your pet. You can consult the requirements of each country to travel with your pet companion here.

Worming & Flea

We offer a broad range of flea, ticks, mites, worms, and parasites treatments where you can find the best one for your pet.

Additional tests:

If necessary, we can perform of series of tests (e.g., blood, feces) to diagnose the presence of parasites and determine the best treatment for your pet. We use state-of-the-art lab equipment to guarantee precise and fast results.

Travel and Microchipping

Microchipping is the identification of your pet by the insertion of a microchip under the skin. You can have your pet chipped and registered by us into the European Pet Database ChipBase. If your pet goes missing, the chip can ensure your animal is found faster. In The Netherlands, dogs are required to be chipped before 7 weeks of age and registered in a database before 8 weeks. Read more about it here

If you are travelling or importing your pet from abroad (EU or non-EU country), we can arrange the EU-pet passport and registration of your pet in The Netherlands.

Starter pack

I’ve got a puppy or a kitty, now what?

Home Vet Eindhoven will guide you on your first steps as a pet parent. Our starter pack includes:

  • Full health check
  • Behavior basics
  • Initial course of vaccines
  • Microchipping
  • Passport
  • Flea & worm treatment for the first 8 months

Geriatric check

As our pets get older they are more prone to developing health conditions. Home Vet Eindhoven helps you to maintain your pet healthy by monitoring their health status and ensuring a good quality of life.

Our geriatric care includes an extensive health examination as well as blood and urine tests. These tests monitor for diabetes, liver and kidney disease, anemia, infections, and inflammations. In dogs, we also check the calcium levels and in cats the thyroid levels.

Because prevention is better than cure, especially in senior pets, the earlier conditions are detected, the higher the chance to treat and contain their progression.

End of life care

One of the hardest decisions you can ever make is saying goodbye to your companion. Home Vet Eindhoven is here to help you decide when the time is right for you and your pet. The advantage of putting your pet to sleep at home is that you can say goodbye to each other in your intimate and familiar environment. We provide euthanasia of dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits at home and handle all the necessary arrangements afterwards.


At Home Vet Eindhoven we are currently working on the following services to be available for you soon:

Pharmacy & shop:

Home Vet Eindhoven wants to provide a custom range of products for your pet; if you are looking for a specific product, let us know since we may be able to provide it.

Collaboration with vet clinics:

We collaborate with an extensive range of vet clinics to provide a complete care to your pet. 

Additional services:

Are you looking for a specific service that we don’t offer? Home Vet Eindhoven is constantly improving its services to offer the highest quality vet care to you and your pet. Share with us which services you would like to have in the comfort of your home.